Business Transactions

bhbusiness12lighterDo you want to form or grow a business? Should it be a corporation, a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or a partnership? If a corporation, a C-corporation or an S-corporation? If a partnership, a general partnership or a limited partnership? These are just some of the questions that face a new or expanding business.

Important Things to Consider

  • The first steps of formation or growth are critical ones, with potentially long-reaching consequences that will affect your bottom line.
  • The establishment of solid and clear relationships at those stages is crucial for success.
  • Appropriate and objective counseling on formation, development, management and operation are important to sustain an entity and facilitate its ongoing success.
  • Without a Preventive Law approach, it is easy for misunderstandings and disputes to chip away at the bottom line and important relationships.

Examples of Services Offered

  • Counseling on Entity Selection and Formation
  • Counseling on Growth and Development
  • Executive and Administrative employment relationships
  • Purchases and Sales
  • Mergers

Estate Planning, Real Estate and Business Transactions