Coleen, Del Rey Oaks

For the first time in my life, I found myself in need of legal assistance due to a dispute between myself and my business partners. Barry was referred to me by a long-time friend who felt he would be able to help me understand what was happening to me and my options for resolution.

I met with Barry and my first reaction was that it was important to him that I understand not only the big picture but the details of my situation so that I could make the right decision for myself. He educated me on our corporation’s legal structure and my rights within that structure. I was able to explain what had happened and he listened carefully.

It was a very emotional situation for me, so Barry corresponded with my business partners on my behalf in order to attempt a friendly resolution without litigation.  When it became clear that litigation would be necessary, he explained the next steps I could take and the possible consequences of my decisions.

In our initial meeting, Barry explained that he was not a trial attorney.  Therefore, when I decided that litigation was my best course of action, Barry referred me to an excellent trial attorney who was well-suited to handle the dispute.

I would recommend that anyone in need of a straightforward legal opinion from a very nice guy should consider meeting with Barry Harrow.