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My goal is to help you accomplish the following:

  1. Develop your personal estate and business plans
  2. Forge strong and profitable relationships
  3. Reduce your risk of future problems and misunderstandings

What is the best way to do that?


Think about the old adage:

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

Disputes and lawsuits chip away at the bottom line, oftentimes changing net profit into net loss.

Many disputes and lawsuits result from misunderstandings.

Many misunderstandings result from reasonable interpretations and assumptions of events and conduct by reasonable people.

People hear things the way they want to hear them. They make assumptions. They interpret things based upon their experiences.

Different primary languages or regional differences in the use of the same primary language can also contribute to misunderstandings.

Rather than go through the expense and aggravation that can result from disputes and lawsuits, experience shows that it is better to reduce the odds of a misinterpretation or misunderstanding through (a) careful planning, (b) clear communication and (c) clear and thorough document drafting before you “shake hands”.

Having a professional help you clearly communicate your objectives and the detailed terms and conditions associated with your intentions can help you avoid disputes and lawsuits.

Good planning!  It makes good sense!

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